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Welcome To My Book Goal To Sell One Million Books In One Year!

My Book Goal self publisher with 21 books to date. There are some links at the right for helping self publishers to get started. I went through a very rough time before I published my first book, so I decided to offer as much help as possible to other writers. I'm no professional writer, nor a great writer of words, but a writer of truth and from the heart. I set a goal on my birthday April 9th, 2017, to sell one million books before my next birthday April 9th, 2018. I working on my second million books because I gave up on my first million.  I started writing March 2014 with the thought I could not write. I lost sleep thinking about writing a few months before I started writing. I knew nothing about correct grammar and this scared me. I soon found places on the net that would proof read my work for small fees. This gave me confidence, and many stories came out of me. I was impressed with myself. I sent three stories to a publisher and I wont mention the name because I found out later that they were ripping writers off. They accepted all three stories quick and that alone had me thinking. They said they would publish them but after a year went by, I knew they wasn't going to publish them, so I decided to self publish all my stories. I've not made much money, but that's alright with me, I just wanted to publish my stories for something to leave behind when I'm Gone to rest. I'm not a wealthy person and may never be. This is alright with me, but as I get older, I have my kids to think about and I would like to leave them something when I'm gone to rest. I'm 65 years old with a goal to sell one million books before my next birthday and If It does not happen, that will be alright. Below are all of my books on Amazon now... For every time you fail, remember that success may be next! Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day...

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